Matthias Grunsky, bvk



Matthias Grunsky is an internationally working cinematographer. He is best known for his work on US independent movies.

Born in Vienna, Grunsky started working as a camera assistant on movies and tv series in Austria and Germany. 1998 he attended the American Film Institute in Los Angeles for a two year cinematography program.

In the US Grunsky met director Andrew Bujalski with whom he started a steady and ongoing collaboration with his debut “Funny Ha Ha” in 2001. Besides 16 narrative features, like the movie “The Honor Farm”, directed by Karen Skloss, which was shot mostly at night in the woods of Texas, "Infinity Baby", directed by Bob Byington, the first movie shot on a B+W Arri Alexa and "Saints Rest", directed by Noga Ashkenazi, a musical shot in a small town in Iowa, Grunsky has also shot documentaries and a diverse range of productions worldwide, like the first 6 episodes of the tv series "A Livre Ouvert", a Swiss and French coproduction for RTS and France 2, directed by Stéphanie Chuat and Véronique Reymond.

Grunsky is a member of the German Society of Cinematographers, bvk.

For the movie "Computer Chess" he got nominated for Best Cinematography at the Film Independent Spirit Awards 2014.

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