Matthias Grunsky, bvk




FRAME RATED (UK) - Amelia Harvey:
"The camera work is intimate, filling the frame with faces of the naively beautiful Double Whammies staff, but cinematographer Matthias Grunsky (Bujalski's regular collaborator) knows when to emphasise Lisa's loneliness, taking a moment to linger on her sitting alone on the curb waiting for her ride, or in the eerily empty restaurant kitchen."

THE WRAP - Alonso Duralde:
"Cinematographer Matthias Grunsky, a longtime collaborator of Bujalski’s, exploits the Texas flatness and the endless span of roadside retail. … Grunsky knows when to go hand-held — a confrontation with a car-wash customer in the parking lot, for instance — but he and Bujalski aren’t afraid to lock down for long takes, which these performers know exactly how to fill."

CRITERION CAST - Joshua Brunsting:
"Bujalski is also at the top of his game here. Again, this isn’t your Computer Chess, but instead, this sees Bujalski once again dive into the stylistic millieu of a film like Results teaming with long-time collaborator Matthias Grunsky to create a film that looks and feels like a classic day-in-the-life comedy, just tuned into the minor aggressions that make each day so damn hard."

THE FANDOMENTALS - Jeremiah O. Sherman:
"Bujalski steps back and lets his cameraman Matthias Grunsky capture the world around Lisa and her waitresses. The edges of the shots are filled with smaller, no less important stories...
Her [Karen Skloss] and Grunsky traverse in the notion of the invisible camera. In other words, Support The Girls is devoid of eye-popping angles and breathtaking tracking shots. The two aim for small quiet, perfectly framed shots..."

CINAPSE - Brendan Foley:
"Here, Bujalski loves these women. It’s there in the warm glow of cinematographer Matthias Grunsky’s images..."

"...the handheld camera (Bujalski’s ever-present DP Matthias Grunsky) places an emphasis on performances …"

THE ATLANTIC - David Sims:
"The camera in Support The Girls is intimate, often filling the frame with the faces of the Double Whammies’ waitresses, but the cinematographer Matthias Grunsky knows when to stand back and emphasize Lisa’s isolation, be it on the bare streets of the Texas suburbs or in the bleakly empty restaurant kitchen."

L.A. TIMES - Justin Chang:
"But if his characters have grown more eloquent and his visuals have gotten slicker (he retains his long time cinematographer, the versatile Matthias Grunsky), the director’s sensibility remains a bracingly offbeat one."