Matthias Grunsky, bvk




"But there’s no denying Bujalski’s clear eye for composition and, with the help of cinematographer Matthias Grunsky, his technical adroitness at lighting his actors."

INDIEWIRE - Matthew Ross:

"Funny Ha Ha is not just a beautifully made film, it's also a brave one. Writer/ director Andrew Bujalski and his cast and crew have succeeded in creating what most established independent filmmakers in this country claim to do all the time but hardly ever pull off-- they've made a film that dares to show life as it is really lived. At once tender and unsentimental, Funny Ha Ha deserves comparison to Mike Leigh's spectacular work for British television in the 70's and 80's."

"Funny Ha Ha looks and sounds like the low budget film it is, but Matthias Grunsky´s in-the-action photography is just right for making the audience feel like a fly on the wall"

THE BOSTON GLOBE - Wesley Morris:
"Obvious: The film lacks polish. Inexplicable: That´s part of its charm. Bujalski has a bracingly unadorned style, and Matthias Grunsky´s handheld photography is actually quite lovely."

FILMLINK - Amy Taubin:
"To describe the camera style as fly-on-the-wall suggests something colder and more clinical than what Bujalski and his cinematographer, Matthias Grunsky, are up to. It´s more like a big-old-family-dog non-judgemental, occasionally excited point of view."